9 Nov

27 Participants in Barcelona

From 04.-08.11.2016 the five-day teacher training took place in the premises of the Spanish school STUCOM situated in the heart of Barcelona. The programme contained theoretical and practical elements and left room for developing own projects that shall be implemented in the following month in the partner schools.
A field trip to the botanical garden and experiments in the school lab gave very practical tips on how teachers can organise soils related activities in their schools.
Besides the trainig programme there was time to discover treasures of the European colleagues and Barcelona.

13 Jul

Teacher Training in Barcelona

EELLSS will organise a five-day training course for teachers from the project partner countries. The training aims to develop practical examples of learning activities on soil science topics and apply soil science as a learning field in the schools.

The EELLSS consortium invites teachers of all school types to take part in the training course to learn about the newly developed versatile and extendable approach to integrate soils as a substantial learning field in European school education.

Find out detailes here.