European Soil Sciences Projects

Soils and the connected soil sciences offer rich and contextualised learning environments for basic and science education, for practical and problem based learning and for interdisciplinary learning projects.

Have you ever carried out a soil related project or do you have a project idea but have simply lacked the opportunity to carry it out? Then here is the chance to tell us about it and even win a prize!

The EELLSS project consortium invites you to submit projects, concepts or ideas on practical and problem based soil projects in European schools.

You can describe a project that has already been carried out or is still in the planning process. You can also describe a concept or idea that could potentially be carried out if you had the chance to do so.

In any case, you should:

  • describe the problem or challenge related to soils that you want to investigate;
  • follow enquiry based principles (creating a need to know, using data, making sense, reflecting …),
  • describe the solution of your project or idea.

Who can participate?

The competition is targeted towards 14-19 year-old students currently attending a school in Europe. Competition entries can be submitted by individuals, small groups or school classes. Up to four people per winning team (three students + one teacher) will be invited to an award ceremony in Kassel, Germany.

How to participate?

The seven steps to Kassel:

  1. read all information on the website and the FAQs
  2. describe your project or idea by using the submission sheet (find a preview here)
  3. illustrate your project or idea by means of a 2-minute video
  4. upload the video on You Tube
  5. insert the link in the submission sheet
  6. submit
  7. maybe win?

By submitting your project you agree to have it published on the EELLSS website and the GREEEN / EELLSS Facebook page.

For more information please contact us at our award office award (at)

When is the closing date?

The competition entries are to be submitted by June 30th, 2017.

And the award goes to…

Your project will be evaluated by an independent jury according to the following criteria:

  • Scientific approach
  • Impact
  • Feasibility
  • Transferability
  • Innovation

The best projects and ideas will be published on our GREEEN / EELLSS Facebook page. The public vote (50%) and the jury’s vote (50%) will decide on the winners. The more likes your project gets the more likely it is that it wins!

What can you win?

The winners will be invited to present their project at the EELLSS-conference in Kassel, Germany, in October 2017. The EELLSS-conference will include seminars and workshops for the students, as well as an award ceremony. The students will get the opportunity to get to know both Kassel and the winners of the other European schools. Furthermore, appreciative awards and certificates of participation will be assigned.

Please read also our FAQ section.

We wish you great enjoyment and success!