Soils and the connected soil sciences offer rich and contextualised learning environments for basic and science education, for practical and problem based learning and for interdisciplinary learning projects. They also differ from region to region, influence and shape the local and regional environment and climate and offer an interesting field for practical comparative research for students (and teachers).

The soil is the “biggest and most practical learning laboratory” for a large range of subjects – and it is located directly in front of the school door.

In an integrative European didactic concept, developed and applied in a network of committed partner schools soils have also the potential to foster European cohesion since they are the subject and media of collaboration between the students from different member states and regions.

The EELLSS consortium regards the International Year of the Soils (IYS 2015) as a unique opportunity to develop a comprehensive, versatile and extendable approach to integrate soils as a substantial learning field in European school education.