8 Oct

Final event in Kassel

The EELLSS partners organised their final event on October 5th and 6th, 2017, in Kassel. The two-day event brought together more than 85 people from all the seven partner countries – among them all partners and all those teachers and students that have been involved in the learning projects.

Highlights were the European buffet with treats of each partner country , the common art project and the European fair. Read more in our newsletter.

14 Jun

Save the date!

The EELLSS consortium will organise a final event on October 5th and 6th, 2017, in Kassel. The two-day event will bring together all partners and all those teachers and students that have been involved in the learning projects. The event will take place in the German partner school Wilhelmsgymnasium on day 1 and in the premises of the Landkreis Kassel on day 2. We will organise a fair where partner schools will present their learning projects and findings.

14 May

Partner meeting in Pisa

In May the EELLSS partners met in Pisa. The main aim was to exchange on the state of affairs in the ongoing learning projects in the partners schools and on drafting the programme for the final event that will take place on 05./06.10.2017 in Kassel.
It was great to hear that the soil-related learning projects have brought up new ideas and initiated activities that would not have taken place without the project!

Despite all the efforts of the team … the tower is still leaning!

4 Apr

EELLSS Award – Submit your project now!

The EELLSS team is inviting European school students (14-19 years old) to submit projects, concepts or ideas on practical and problem based soil projects in European schools.

You can describe a project that has already been carried out or is still in the planning process. You can also describe a concept or idea that could potentially be carried out if you had the chance to do so.

In any case, you should:

  • describe the problem or challenge related to soils that you want to investigate;
  • follow enquiry based principles (creating a need to know, using data, making sense, reflecting …),
  • describe the solution of your project or idea.

The best projects will be invited to our final conference in October 2017, in Kassel, Germany.

Find out more!

9 Nov

27 Participants in Barcelona

From 04.-08.11.2016 the five-day teacher training took place in the premises of the Spanish school STUCOM situated in the heart of Barcelona. The programme contained theoretical and practical elements and left room for developing own projects that shall be implemented in the following month in the partner schools.
A field trip to the botanical garden and experiments in the school lab gave very practical tips on how teachers can organise soils related activities in their schools.
Besides the trainig programme there was time to discover treasures of the European colleagues and Barcelona.

13 Jul

Teacher Training in Barcelona

EELLSS will organise a five-day training course for teachers from the project partner countries. The training aims to develop practical examples of learning activities on soil science topics and apply soil science as a learning field in the schools.

The EELLSS consortium invites teachers of all school types to take part in the training course to learn about the newly developed versatile and extendable approach to integrate soils as a substantial learning field in European school education.

Find out detailes here.

19 May

Meeting in Tilburg

EELLSS partners held their next meeting in Tilburg, Netherlands. During the meeting, current developments and challenges in the field of soil science research were discussed. Partners presented their expertise and ideas  on how to generate different didactical frameworks on soil science case studies.

After the meeting, a short excursion to Regte Heide was organised. The Regte Heide, a natural area, offers different soil profiles and thus creates different opportunities for measures and analysis. During the excursion soil profiles were taken and the different layers were discussed.

24 Feb

EELLSS Kick- off meeting

EELLSS kick-off meeting was held on 24th of February 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden.

The partnership came together to plan the implementation of the project and to share their experiences on ecological and climate related issues in order to develop basic and transversal skills through:

  • innovative teaching and learning approaches and
  • integration of competences validation both in teachers’ trainings and in the learning projects of students

The partnership is made up of nine partners from seven different European countries which include BUPNET GmbH (Germany), Landkreis Kassel (Germany), Fontys (Netherlands), VGY (Sweden), Source (Italy), Aizputes (Latvia), ODTU (Turkey); CECE (Spain) and blinc eG (Germany).

5 Nov

Welcome to EELLSS

International Year of the Soils (IYS) in 2015

Aiming to make soil science an attractive topic in European schools both for teachers and for the students and interlink natural sciences with the soil as a living lab.